Woody Mallen Collection

Woody Mallen Collection

For all the small ones

Made of recycled wood and styled with details that will fit any home. Woody Mallen is a nightstand, mini cabinet, and side table easily used for your pet’s afternoon nap.

Dimensions 33x35x45 (cm)

1199,00 – 1399,00 kn

The product price varies depending on the materials you choose. You can contact us for exact prices.


Woody Mallen easily turns from a nightstand to any piece of furniture. You choose its function!


You know best what your home and pet need. This piece of furniture can easily be adjusted to your needs.

Woody Mallen Galerija
Woody Mallen Galerija

For Her or Him

The interior of Woody Mallen is your pet’s ideal place for enjoying his time or being lazy.

Woody Mallen Galerija
Woody Mallen Galerija
Woody Mallen Galerija

Build Your Own Woody!

Create exactly what you want

Pick a Color

Choose between anthracite and white.

Woody Mallen Antracit
Woody Mallen Bijela

Choose the Material

As a material you can choose between plywood and OSB.

Woody Mallen OSB
Woody Mallen Šperploča

Entrance Type

We offer three types of entrance: square, rectangular and trapezoidal.

Woody Mallen Collection Trapez
Woody Mallen Collection Kvadrat
Woody Mallen Collection Pravokutnik

Side Panel

A scratcher or rope pattern – the choice is yours!

Woody Mallen Špagica
Woody Mallen Grebalica

See All Options

Download the PDF which contains all the combinations we offer for Woody Mallen!

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