Private cave

For all of you who like to get away from time to time and have a good sleep, we have the right solution – The Cave pillow. Whether you’re a cat or a dog, you’ll  find this soft cave purrrfect for spending your cold winter afternoons, yet if it’s too warm simply enjoy the soft cushion.

Dimensions diameter 70cm

750,00 kn

Made for sleeping

The Cave pillow is designed as a pillow – blanket combination. This way your pets will feel warm, and the softness of material will make them sleepy at first touch.


Every pillow is hand-sewn from the softest materials. Minky material interior is perfect for napping and hiding.

Washable pillowcase

Don’t worry about all the minor accidents because our pillowcases are washable.


Cave pillow comes in two standard colours: baby pink and mint green. Additionally, we provide 5 extra colours (saffron yellow, coral, ivory, bordeaux and royal blue),  to match this cosy pet bed with your interior.

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