Meet Pawsome Team

Behind PAWSOME there are two enthusiastic engineers who were connected by their love for animals. PAWSOME is a response to designing that same love into a unique brand that incorporates modern design and love for pets.

The first driver was the desire to preserve the child who will make toys and polygons, but this time for the man’s best friends, in the serious adult world, in us, but also in you. Playfulness, simplicity and innovation are best described by product collections whose added value is the ability to customize them for different purposes and users.

Why PAWSOME? Because paws are awesome! Small or large, colorful or monochromatic, pure or mixed, paws of all kinds and shapes, and we are here to make them happy because our home is their home.


Creating an original brand that will respond to the needs of modern housing and satisfy the users with their quality and specific purpose, whether they are pets or their owners.


Our vision is essentially wider than our brand. Our work through PAWSOME doesn’t just want to respond to the needs of a modern man who comes home to his pet, but we want to make it possible not only to provide a home for pets but to provide home to every animal in the world. Because they deserve it.

Our Partners

You'll see our products everywhere! Pawsome Stuff collaborates and shares the love for pets with a variety of well-known brands. Find us at these places!

Pawsome Suradnici - Dama i Skitnica

Dama i skitnica

dog grooming salon
Ul. grada Vukovara 249, Zagreb

Pawsome Suradnici - Cat Caffe

Cat caffe

caffe bar
Kušlanova 6, Zagreb

Pawsome Suradnici - Lollipop


Ul.Josipa Vargovića 2, 48000 Koprivnica

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